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1916 The Battle of Fromelles begins


19 July

Fromelles was the first major battle fought by Australians on the Western front. Fromelles saw British and Australian troops attack the German lines in a prelude to the battle of the Somme. Continue reading “1916 The Battle of Fromelles begins”

1333 The Battle of Halidon Hill

Halidon Hill.jpg

19 July

During the second Scottish war of Independence, the Scottish forces of Douglas suffered a decisive defeat at the hands of Edward III the king of England. Continue reading “1333 The Battle of Halidon Hill”

AD 4 Augustus adopts Tiberius

26 June

Augustus the first emperor of Rome adopts his step-son Tiberius ensuring the hereditary succession of the principate.

Continue reading “AD 4 Augustus adopts Tiberius”

AD 70 – Titus breaches second wall of Jerusalem

30 May – On this day 

Titus and his Roman legions breached the Second Wall of Jerusalem. The siege had begun in February of AD 70 and didn’t finish until September of the same year. Continue reading “AD 70 – Titus breaches second wall of Jerusalem”

AD 210– Claudius Gothicus is born

May 10 – The future emperor Claudius II (Marcus Aurelius Valerius Claudius Augustus) more commonly known as Claudius Gothicus was born on this day A.D. 210.

Continue reading “AD 210– Claudius Gothicus is born”

612 A.D. Constantine III is Born

3 May – Constantine III born Heraclius Novus Constantinus a future Byzantine Emperor was born on this day in 612 A.D.

Continue reading “612 A.D. Constantine III is Born”

1982 Second largest ship in Argentine Navy sunk by British Submarine

2 May – The General Belgrano Argentina’s second largest naval vessel is hit and sunk by two Tigerfish torpedoes.

Continue reading “1982 Second largest ship in Argentine Navy sunk by British Submarine”

A.D. 32 The Roman Emperor Otho was born

28 April AD 32 the future  Roman emperor Otho was born. Continue reading “A.D. 32 The Roman Emperor Otho was born”

AD 238 Senate outlaws Roman Emperor Maximinus Thrax

22 April – the Roman Senate outlaws the emperor Maximinus Thrax for carrying out bloodthirsty proscriptions in Rome. Continue reading “AD 238 Senate outlaws Roman Emperor Maximinus Thrax”

46 BC Caesar wins the battle of Thapsus

On this day April 6 46 BC the Republican forces of the Optimates led by Metellus Scipio fought against the forces of Julius Caesar outside the African city of Thapsus (modern day Tunisia). Continue reading “46 BC Caesar wins the battle of Thapsus”

1964 – Douglas MacArthur the American general died

On this day 5 April 1964 the American General Douglas MacArthur died at the age of 84. Continue reading “1964 – Douglas MacArthur the American general died”

On this Day: Ragnar Lodbrok begins siege of Paris

On this day : March 29 AD 845 Ragnar Lodbrok having sailed by the river Seine with 120 ships carrying about 5,000 vikings began the siege of Paris. Continue reading “On this Day: Ragnar Lodbrok begins siege of Paris”

1997 – Heaven’s Gate mass suicides

26 March

Heaven’s Gate was an American UFO religious Millenarian group based in San Diego, California, founded in the early 1970s and led by Marshall Applewhite (1931–1997) and Bonnie Nettles (1927–1985). On this day in 1997, police discovered the bodies of 39 members of the group who had committed mass suicide in order to reach what they believed was an alien space craft following Comet Hale–Bopp. Continue reading “1997 – Heaven’s Gate mass suicides”

On this Day: AD 235 Maximinus Thrax becomes Emperor

On this day 20 March 235: Maximinus Thrax became emperor of Rome. Maximinus remained ruler Rome for just over 3 years before dying 10 may 238 in Aquileia whilst trying to put down a senatorial revolt. Continue reading “On this Day: AD 235 Maximinus Thrax becomes Emperor”

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