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43 BC – Battle of Mutina

21 April

The Battle of Mutina was fought on this day in 43 BC between the forces of Mark Antony and the forces of Octavian. Continue reading “43 BC – Battle of Mutina”

753 BC the traditional date for Romulus’ founding of Rome

21 April – is the traditional date for the founding of Rome by Romulus.  Continue reading “753 BC the traditional date for Romulus’ founding of Rome”

A.D. 65 The Pisonian conspiracy revealed

The so-called Pisonian conspiracy led by Giaus Calpurnius Piso, involved a number of the influential Romans in the plan to assassinate the Roman emperor Nero. Continue reading “A.D. 65 The Pisonian conspiracy revealed”

Gladiators drank the Roman equivalent of Red Bull

Recent research published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE investigated the diet of Roman gladiators in the second and third centuries A.D. and were able to determine the diet of the gladiators and what appears to have been a Roman era energy drink. Continue reading “Gladiators drank the Roman equivalent of Red Bull”

Colosseum makeover stage one nearly complete

The Colosseum has over the past two thousand years suffered due to environmental pollution, discolouring many of the Travertine surfaces. Continue reading “Colosseum makeover stage one nearly complete”

Roman wine produced on an industrial scale

researchers from the University of Sheffield investigating a large imperial state in Italy have discovered evidence of wine production on the site reaching an industrial scale. Continue reading “Roman wine produced on an industrial scale”

1599 – Pompeii discovered by Architect

trenches-pompeii-samnite-tombIn April 1599 , Italian Architect Domenico Fontana discovered the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii, while constructing a canal beneath the city. Continue reading “1599 – Pompeii discovered by Architect”

46 BC Caesar wins the battle of Thapsus

On this day April 6 46 BC the Republican forces of the Optimates led by Metellus Scipio fought against the forces of Julius Caesar outside the African city of Thapsus (modern day Tunisia). Continue reading “46 BC Caesar wins the battle of Thapsus”

Scientists confirm Hannibal’s route over the Alps

One of the great mysteries of the ancient world that many have tried to solve is exactly which path Hannibal used when crossing the Alps to attack Italy in the second Punic war. Continue reading “Scientists confirm Hannibal’s route over the Alps”

A.D. 188 the Roman Emperor Caracalla was born

On this day 4 April A.D. 188: the Roman Emperor Caracalla was born. Continue reading “A.D. 188 the Roman Emperor Caracalla was born”

457 – Majorian is acclaimed emperor by the Roman army

1 April

A prominent general of the Late Roman army, Majorian deposed Emperor Avitus in 457 and succeeded him. Majorian was one of the last emperors to make a concerted effort to restore the Western Roman Empire. Possessing little more than Italy, Dalmatia, and some territory in northern Gaul, Majorian campaigned rigorously for three years against the Empire’s enemies. Continue reading “457 – Majorian is acclaimed emperor by the Roman army”

Metallic ink revealed in Herculaneum papyri

An international team of scientists has discovered the presence of metal in the ink of two Herculaneum papyrus fragments proving that metals were used in ink several centuries earlier than previously believed. Continue reading “Metallic ink revealed in Herculaneum papyri”

On this Day: AD 235 Maximinus Thrax becomes Emperor

On this day 20 March 235: Maximinus Thrax became emperor of Rome. Maximinus remained ruler Rome for just over 3 years before dying 10 may 238 in Aquileia whilst trying to put down a senatorial revolt. Continue reading “On this Day: AD 235 Maximinus Thrax becomes Emperor”

AD 37 Tiberius Dies

16 March AD 37: On this Day

The Roman emperor Tiberius died at the age of 78, he was only the second emperor of Rome he had been one of Rome’s greatest generals having conquered Pannonia, Rhaetia and Dalmatia. Continue reading “AD 37 Tiberius Dies”

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