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Workers find Roman remains in Croatia

The remains of Roman urns have been discovered by workers expanding a private carpark in the area of Put Dragulina.

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Italy busts gang ‘smuggling looted archaeological treasures’


Police arrested two alleged gang members and seized hundreds of looted treasures from the ancient Greek and Roman eras during the operation. Continue reading “Italy busts gang ‘smuggling looted archaeological treasures’”

Potential Site for Viking ‘Thing’ discovered

Archaeologists believe that they have identified one of the Norse ‘Thing’ sites on the island Bute.

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Mycenaean Tombs discovered in the region of Argolis

Tombs dated to the Mycenaean period (1600-1100 BC) have been uncovered near the town of Kiveri.

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Palmyra could be rebuilt in 5 years?

Maamoun Abdulkarim, Syria’s antiquities chief, says that with UNESCO’s approval Palmyra could be restored in five years.

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Reinheitsgebot is 500 years old

On the 23rd of April – Germany’s beer purity law the Reinheitsgebot turned 500 years old. Continue reading “Reinheitsgebot is 500 years old”

Don’t Worry be Happy – Mosaic discovered

A mosaic featuring a happy skeleton has been discovered in what used to be Antioch. Continue reading “Don’t Worry be Happy – Mosaic discovered”

Colosseum makeover stage one nearly complete

The Colosseum has over the past two thousand years suffered due to environmental pollution, discolouring many of the Travertine surfaces. Continue reading “Colosseum makeover stage one nearly complete”

Stolen Greek Artefacts discovered by Italian Police

Over 250 Greek artefacts dating from the 2nd to the 5th Centuries BC were discovered during a raid for illegal weapons near the Sicilian city of Enna. Continue reading “Stolen Greek Artefacts discovered by Italian Police”

Palmyra to be restored

On 27 March a measure of security and stability was restored to Palmyra, with control over the archaeological city and airport taken back from Isis. Continue reading “Palmyra to be restored”

Was Tutankhamun’s mask originally meant for someone else?

British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves has yet again thrown historians and archaeologists into a loop.  Continue reading “Was Tutankhamun’s mask originally meant for someone else?”

Scientists confirm Hannibal’s route over the Alps

One of the great mysteries of the ancient world that many have tried to solve is exactly which path Hannibal used when crossing the Alps to attack Italy in the second Punic war. Continue reading “Scientists confirm Hannibal’s route over the Alps”

Recent shipwreck discoveries in the Black Sea

The Romania insider  has reported that UNESCO divers have found a previously undiscovered shipwreck believed to date to the second century A.D. in the past week. Continue reading “Recent shipwreck discoveries in the Black Sea”

Indigenous artefacts found at Sydney light rail construction site, calls to halt work 

There are calls for construction to stop on a section of Sydney’s new south-east light rail line after tens of thousands of Indigenous artefacts were discovered there. Continue reading “Indigenous artefacts found at Sydney light rail construction site, calls to halt work “

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