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Inscribed stele uncovered at Etruscan temple

Archaeologists in Italy have discovered what may be a rare sacred text in the Etruscan language that is likely to yield rich details about Etruscan worship of a god or goddess. Continue reading “Inscribed stele uncovered at Etruscan temple”

Metallic ink revealed in Herculaneum papyri

An international team of scientists has discovered the presence of metal in the ink of two Herculaneum papyrus fragments proving that metals were used in ink several centuries earlier than previously believed. Continue reading “Metallic ink revealed in Herculaneum papyri”

Pharaoh Ramesses III killed by multiple assassins


The reign of Ramesses III, the second pharaoh in Egypt’s 20th dynasty, was not the most stable chapter in the empire’s history. There were endless wars with the “Sea Peoples”, which drained the treasury, bad weather that interrupted food supplies, along with political unrest. Continue reading “Pharaoh Ramesses III killed by multiple assassins”

Scan of King Tut’s tomb

16th-century church re-emerges from beneath Mexican reservoir

Due to the severe drought  in Southern Mexico this year, a church believed to be more than 400-years-old has re-emerged in the Grijalva River. Continue reading “16th-century church re-emerges from beneath Mexican reservoir”

The Romans made it to Canada?

A team of historians claim that evidence indicates that the Romans made it to an island off the coast of Canada which has artifacts dating back to a time of the Roman Empire. Continue reading “The Romans made it to Canada?”

Mummification more common and widespread than previously believed.

Archaeologists at the University of Sheffield working with colleagues from the University of Manchester and University College London have discovered that some ancient Briton burials are consistent with a prehistoric mummy from northern Yemen. Continue reading “Mummification more common and widespread than previously believed.”

New Roman Mosaic discovered

Archaeologists in Italy have discovered an ancient Roman mosaic in a Tuscan village. Continue reading “New Roman Mosaic discovered”

20 New lines of an ancient epic found

The 18th century BC epic of Gilgamesh has had its chapters reordered and been added to Continue reading “20 New lines of an ancient epic found”

Alleged extremist sent to the Hague for destroying monuments

The alleged Islamic extremist is accused of destroying religious buildings in the historic city of Timbuktu in Mali in 2012. Continue reading “Alleged extremist sent to the Hague for destroying monuments”

Fallen tree reveals medieval corpse

Heavy rains and winds have caused a large Beech tree to topple in Collooney Ireland. Continue reading “Fallen tree reveals medieval corpse”

6th Century Rome larger than thought

The find of a new house belonging to 6th century Rome indicates that Rome was actually somewhat larger in this period than previously thought. Continue reading “6th Century Rome larger than thought”

Caffeinated stimulant drinks common in Southwest America

A recent study of pottery samples from Southwestern archaeological sites has illustrated the extent of stimulant usage. Continue reading “Caffeinated stimulant drinks common in Southwest America”

Tutankhamun’s mask to be restored after damage

The famous mask of Tutankhamun has suffered inadvertent damage since it was excavated by Howard carter in 1922 from misguided attempts to polish the gold and lapis. The most recent, and most significant damage Continue reading “Tutankhamun’s mask to be restored after damage”

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