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Australian wife of UN diplomat accused of looting

Ninety-five-year-old Joan Howard has been dubbed Indiana Joan by some after showing off her artefact collection estimated to be worth over one million dollars to the West Australian newspaper.

Continue reading “Australian wife of UN diplomat accused of looting”

Roman Shipwrecks Discovered

Dr Mostafa Waziri the head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities has reported that archaeologists have uncovered the remains of three Roman shipwrecks discovered in Abu Qir bay, Alexandria Egypt.

Continue reading “Roman Shipwrecks Discovered”

Stolen Egyptian Artefacts found in Cyprus set to be returned.

14 Artefacts including 13 amulets and an alabaster vase are set to be returned to Egypt from Cyprus. Continue reading “Stolen Egyptian Artefacts found in Cyprus set to be returned.”

Amarna Reports Digitised and Available

Originally published by the Egypt Exploration Society the 6 volumes that make up the  Amarna Reports were published between 1984 and 1995.

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Forthcoming open access Journal: The Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture

The Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture, Its purpose is to promote the publication of research devoted to Ancient Egyptian architecture (domestic, civil, military, ritual/religious and funerary), from the Predynastic Period to the Roman imperial era, whatever the modern geographical context (Egypt, Sudan, Near East, etc). The subject scope includes everything relating to construction, regardless of its original importance or purpose. Continue reading “Forthcoming open access Journal: The Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture”

Blade of Ancient Egyptian Dagger Analyzed

MILAN, ITALY—Daniela Comelli of the Polytechnic University of Milan and her team conducted an analysis of the dagger found in the wrappings of Tutankhamun’s mummy by Howard Carter in 1925. Continue reading “Blade of Ancient Egyptian Dagger Analyzed”

Was Tutankhamun’s mask originally meant for someone else?

British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves has yet again thrown historians and archaeologists into a loop.  Continue reading “Was Tutankhamun’s mask originally meant for someone else?”

Pharaoh Ramesses III killed by multiple assassins


The reign of Ramesses III, the second pharaoh in Egypt’s 20th dynasty, was not the most stable chapter in the empire’s history. There were endless wars with the “Sea Peoples”, which drained the treasury, bad weather that interrupted food supplies, along with political unrest. Continue reading “Pharaoh Ramesses III killed by multiple assassins”

Scan of King Tut’s tomb

Satellite images show spike in looting at Egyptian sites

It appears that an increase in political and economic instability has led to an increase in the looting of ancient sites in Egypt. Continue reading “Satellite images show spike in looting at Egyptian sites”

Egyptian Solar boat discovered

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have uncovered a boat intended to carry the soul of its owner to the stars buried under the ruins of a 4500-year-old Egyptian tomb.  Continue reading “Egyptian Solar boat discovered”

Staff charged over damage to Tutankhamen’s Mask

Eight museum employees are now facing charges over the botched restoration of the burial mask of Tutankhamun in Egypt.

This was announced on Saturday by Egyptian prosecutors who claimed that professional methods were violated by the staff members. Continue reading “Staff charged over damage to Tutankhamen’s Mask”

Tutankhamen’s tomb almost certain to have hidden chamber

Researchers working on the tomb of Tutankhamen investigating the theory put forward by Nicholas Reeves have announced that Continue reading “Tutankhamen’s tomb almost certain to have hidden chamber”

One step closer to finding Nefertiti tomb?

In what is possibly the best evidence yet that Nicholas Reeves’ theory that Tutankhamen is to contains additional chambers has legs. Scientists from the Ministry of antiquities, Cairo University and the Heritage Innovation and Preservation Institute in Paris conducted a scan on the inside of Tutankhamen’s tomb using Infrared thermography technology last week. Continue reading “One step closer to finding Nefertiti tomb?”

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