Evidence Found for Secret Terror Weapon of the Romans


A set of lead sling bullets that made a whistling sound when thrown have been discovered by archaeologists in Burnswark Hill in southwestern Scotland.

The cast lead bullets weighing about 30 grams, had been drilled with a 5 millimeter hole that the researchers believe was designed to give the soaring bullets a sharp buzzing or whistling noise in flight intended to frighten the ‘barbarians’ the Roman fought in the region.

The whistling bullets which were also significantly smaller than typical sling bullets as seen in the image above, have led researchers to hypothesize that Roman soldiers may have used several of them in their slings at once so they could hurl multiple bullets at a target with one throw.

“You can easily shoot them in groups of three of four, so you get a scattergun effect,” archaeologist John Reid of the Trimontium Trust, a Scottish historical society  said “We think they’re for close-quarter skirmishing, for getting quite close to the enemy.”