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1333 The Battle of Halidon Hill

Halidon Hill.jpg

19 July

During the second Scottish war of Independence, the Scottish forces of Douglas suffered a decisive defeat at the hands of Edward III the king of England. Continue reading “1333 The Battle of Halidon Hill”

Roman terror weapon discovered in Scotland

Evidence Found for Secret Terror Weapon of the Romans


A set of lead sling bullets that made a whistling sound when thrown have been discovered by archaeologists in¬†Burnswark Hill in southwestern Scotland. Continue reading “Roman terror weapon discovered in Scotland”

Battle-scarred skull found at Culloden 3D scanned

A part of a skull thought to belong to a combatant at the battle of Culloden has been turned into a digital 3D model.

Continue reading “Battle-scarred skull found at Culloden 3D scanned”

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