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I currently work for the University of Melbourne Australia as an academic specialist - curriculum designer in the Faculty of Arts. Where I work with other academics, primarily in history, to advise and assist subject coordinators in redesigning subject syllabi, structures and teaching delivery. Previously I taught Ancient History and Classical Languages at another Australian university for seven years full-time. I have taught various aspects of Roman, Mycenaean and Greek history and created courses on Barbarian Europe, Terrorism and Rebellion in the Ancient World and Ancient Warfare.

Making a historical Garum in an hour

This interesting video by TastingHistory talks about the history and uses of garum and perhaps most interestingly demonstrates a way of making garum in your kitchen in about an hour.

Viking runestone may allude to extreme winter, study says | Sweden | The Guardian


Two gladiators at the end of the fight

This is the scene of the last fresco found in the Regio V section of Pompeii not far from the barracks of the gladiators.

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AD 81 – Domitian becomes emperor of Rome

14 September – On this day

Titus Flavius Caesar Domitianus Augustus the second son of Vespasian, who had won the principate at the end of the year of four emperors succeeded his brother Titus to the imperial purple. Continue reading “AD 81 – Domitian becomes emperor of Rome”

AD 81 – The Death of the Roman emperor Titus

AD 81 September 13 – On this day Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus died of fever.

Titus was the eldest son of Vespasian, who famously took the principate for himself at the end of the year of four emperors, and elder brother to the infamous Domitian. Titus fought with his father to suppress the Jewish rebellion of AD 66 where he distinguished himself as a successful and capable general. Continue reading “AD 81 – The Death of the Roman emperor Titus”

490 BC – The Battle of Marathon

12 September – On this day the battle of Marathon took place during the first Persian invasion in 490 BC. Continue reading “490 BC – The Battle of Marathon”

The Battle of Teutoburg forest

11 September AD 9 – On this day the battle of Teutoburg forest ended

One of the most significant losses Rome ever suffered occurred in the Teutoburg forest during the reign of Rome’s first emperor Augustus. The Roman forces led by Publius Quinctilius Varus, the governor of Germania, were led into an ambush and slaughtered losing the three legions assigned to the fledgling province.

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How was a New Stonehenge discovered in Ireland thanks to the British Heatwave?

The recent record-breaking heatwave and drought across the British Isles has led to the discovery of a number of previously unknown sites due to cropmarks that have become evident. Cropmarks are visible differences on the surface of the ground which occur as a result of differential growth caused by archaeological remains under the ground.

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