A McDonalds in Tamworth England has two mummies buried beneath the floor.
Former resident Rev William MacGregor worked on archaeological digs in Egypt in the early 1900’s and returned with four mummies, who’s identity is unknown. The reverend known as an avid Egyptologist was born in Liverpool on May 16, 1848, and was educated at Exeter College, Oxford, obtaining a BA in 1871 and an MA in 1874 before joining the clergy.

MacGregor displayed numerous Egyptian artifacts in his home at Bolehall Manor, but when the mummies started to decompose he was forced to  bury them secretly. Two of the mummies were buried by the banks of the river which bordered the manor. The other two were interred beneath the concrete of the Palace Cinema, which was being rebuilt in 1935 and has since been replaced by a  McDonalds Restaurant.

Apparently the staff at the restaurant are aware of its peculiar connection to the past with some afraid to go into the basement area. The mummies are unlikely to be recovered as they are surrounded by concrete. William MacGregor sold the remainder of his collection in 1922 through Sotheby’s, much of the collection went to the British Museum.


Picture: a bearded William MacGregor at an archaeological dig in Egypt seated on the left.