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Blade of Ancient Egyptian Dagger Analyzed

MILAN, ITALY—Daniela Comelli of the Polytechnic University of Milan and her team conducted an analysis of the dagger found in the wrappings of Tutankhamun’s mummy by Howard Carter in 1925. Continue reading “Blade of Ancient Egyptian Dagger Analyzed”

The Discovery of Aristotle’s tomb announced

Archaeologist Kostas Sismanidis announced the discovery of the likely resting place of Aristotle at an international conference at Thessaloniki on Thursday.

Continue reading “The Discovery of Aristotle’s tomb announced”

Palmyra to be restored

On 27 March a measure of security and stability was restored to Palmyra, with control over the archaeological city and airport taken back from Isis. Continue reading “Palmyra to be restored”

Detectorist finds 1,100 year old crucifix in Denmark

On Friday March 11th Dennis Fabricius Holm was out searching with his metal detector and made an exceptional find. Continue reading “Detectorist finds 1,100 year old crucifix in Denmark”

An exceptional discovery at Thorikos, Greece

Archaeologists have just discovered an inextricable network of galleries, shafts and chambers. Continue reading “An exceptional discovery at Thorikos, Greece”

Stonehenge burials show gender equality

Source: The Archaeology News Network: Stonehenge burials show gender equality

2,000-year-old Rome pyramid getting spotlighted



Source: The Archaeology News Network: 2,000-year-old Rome pyramid getting spotlighted

Viking ‘sunstones’ put to the test

Archaeologists have discovered what appears to be a Viking navigational sundial. Continue reading “Viking ‘sunstones’ put to the test”

Egyptian Solar boat discovered

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have uncovered a boat intended to carry the soul of its owner to the stars buried under the ruins of a 4500-year-old Egyptian tomb.  Continue reading “Egyptian Solar boat discovered”

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