28 September – On the Day

Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus better known as Pompey (the Great) was one of the major figures at the end of the Republican period first as an ally of Caesar and Crassus and later as Caesar’s greatest rival.

Pompey fled to the East after Caesar crossed the Rubicon and marched on Rome, The ex-triumvirs fought a number of battles before Pompey was forced to flee again, this time Egypt.

Upon his arrival, and thinking that he would be welcomed, Plutarch tells us that Pompey disembarked his trireme in a small boat with a few sullen comrades, and headed for what appeared to be a welcoming party on the Egyptian shore at Pelusium. Pompey was stabbed to death by his betrayers and his head was later presented to Caesar who apparently decried the fate of a great Roman and punished the assassins.