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The Romans made it to Canada?

A team of historians claim that evidence indicates that the Romans made it to an island off the coast of Canada which has artifacts dating back to a time of the Roman Empire. Continue reading “The Romans made it to Canada?”

Iberian Shipwreck discovered

Underwater research being conducted of Cape Creus, Catalonia strongly suggests that the pre-Roman Iberians were seafarers. This is the second boat dated to roughly this period found of the Spanish coast. Continue reading “Iberian Shipwreck discovered”

Minimising Rebellion in the Roman Empire and the banning of a fire brigade in Nicomedia

The Romans possessed a clear understanding of the most likely breeding grounds for discontent. Continue reading “Minimising Rebellion in the Roman Empire and the banning of a fire brigade in Nicomedia”

The Battle of Salamis 480 BC

The battle of Salamis occurred in September 480 BC, some argue it was on the 22nd others say the 29th, Continue reading “The Battle of Salamis 480 BC”

AD 351 – The Battle of Mursa

28 September – On this day

The battle of Mursa between Constantine II and Magnentius was part of a civil war which took place somewhere in the Drava valley in Illyricum. Continue reading “AD 351 – The Battle of Mursa”

48 BC – Pompey the Great killed

28 September – On the Day

Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus better known as Pompey (the Great) was one of the major figures at the end of the Republican period first as an ally of Caesar and Crassus and later as Caesar’s greatest rival. Continue reading “48 BC – Pompey the Great killed”

19 BC Virgil Dies

21 September – On this day

Publius Vergilius Maro, better known as Virgil died in Brundisium harbour Continue reading “19 BC Virgil Dies”

AD 82/83 Domitian’s War against the Chatti

Domitian was said to have been desperate for military glory. Continue reading “AD 82/83 Domitian’s War against the Chatti”


A new feature article, What equipment was needed to be a Hoplite  in classical Greece?, is available under the features tab.

Vespasian wore Greek Armour

Did you know?

Although the Linothorax is considered purely a Greek armour by many people, in fact a number of non-Greeks are known for having used the Linothorax. Continue reading “Vespasian wore Greek Armour”

Our title photo for the month

This month we are featuring an image of the Ludovisi battle sarcophagus. Continue reading “Our title photo for the month”

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