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Viking Raider Saint’s Lost Shrine Rediscovered

Archaeologists believe that they have found the original shrine of the Viking king turned Saint, Olaf Haraldsson. This unlikely Saint spent his early years as a Viking raider before being baptized into the Roman Catholic church in 1013.

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Potential Site for Viking ‘Thing’ discovered

Archaeologists believe that they have identified one of the Norse ‘Thing’ sites on the island Bute.

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Viking outpost in Canada

Archaeologist Patricia Sutherland has been putting together a compelling case for the discovery for the second viking outpost ever discovered in the Americas. Whilst working on the Island of Baffin Sutherland found whetstones containing cupric-alloy traces, indicating the presence of bronze which was unknown to the native inhabitants but used by the viking metalsmiths.

Earlier excavations in the 1960’s uncovered parts of a stone and sod building which archaeologist Moreau Maxwell described as difficult interpret led Sutherland to suspect the presence of vikings.

In addition Sutherland has, since 2001, discovered a number of artefacts pointing to the presence of vikings, including : yarn, building remains, a whalebone shovel and  pelt fragments.

Viking fortress about to be excavated near Copenhagen

Last September the Viking age fortress was discovered in Denmark for the first time in 60 years, Continue reading “Viking fortress about to be excavated near Copenhagen”

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