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Online Resource: The Latin Josephus Project

Flavius Josephus (c. 37–100 CE) was a historian who wrote the Antiquities, a history of the Jews up to Roman times, and the Jewish War, describing the Jewish rebellion against the Romans in 66–73 CE, as well as the Against Apion.

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43 BC – Marcus Tullius Cicero is assassinated

On This Day – 7 December 43BC

Cicero was one of the greatest orators of Rome, and lived through some of the most turbulent events at the end of the Republic. He was born on the 3rd of January in 103 BC in Arpinum, to a well-off equestrian family.

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29 BC – Octavian celebrates a triumph over Illyricum

13 August

Octavian celebrates the first of three consecutive triumphs at Rome, this one celebrated his victory over Illyricum. The war against Illyricum actually took place several years earlier.

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Roman bathhouse discovered in Italy

Workers building a new church in Casal Bernocchi, Italy have discovered a Roman bathhouse. Continue reading “Roman bathhouse discovered in Italy”

AD 64 The Great Fire of Rome

18 July

On this day a fire that engulfed Rome for the next 6 days and destroyed many buildings was ignited. Some sources blame the emperor of the time, Nero, for starting the blaze. Continue reading “AD 64 The Great Fire of Rome”

Roman villa uncovered under Wiltshire lawn

While workers were digging a trench to lay some electrical cable for home owner Luke Irwin in Wiltshire, they discovered a Roman era mosaic floor which would lead to the discovery of one of Britain’s best preserved Roman villas.

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The Romans made it to Canada?

A team of historians claim that evidence indicates that the Romans made it to an island off the coast of Canada which has artifacts dating back to a time of the Roman Empire. Continue reading “The Romans made it to Canada?”

Roman Wreck Discovered in Deep Waters Near Italy


Source: Roman Wreck Discovered in Deep Waters Near Italy

The goddess Juno and the currency of Rome

There appears to be a direct connection between the Roman goddess Juno and Roman coinage, Continue reading “The goddess Juno and the currency of Rome”

AD 96 Nerva becomes emperor

18 September – On this day

Nerva was an interesting choice of emperor, an aged senator it seems likely that he was chosen to take over as his life expectancy wasn’t long Continue reading “AD 96 Nerva becomes emperor”

AD 324 Constantine carries the day at Chrysopolis

18 September – On this day

The battle of Chrysopolis took place near Chalcedon between two Roman emperors Constantine I and Licinius. Continue reading “AD 324 Constantine carries the day at Chrysopolis”

Archaeology found beneath Bus depot

University of Leicester archaeologists are excavating sites that show evidence of Roman and Medieval occupation. Continue reading “Archaeology found beneath Bus depot”

AD 9 – Varian Disaster

9 September – On this day

One of the most significant losses Rome ever suffered occurred in the Teutoburg forest during the reign of Rome’s first emperor Augustus. Continue reading “AD 9 – Varian Disaster”

AD 70 – Titus occupies and plunders Jerusalem

7 September – On this day

Before he became the emperor of Rome Vespasian had been appointed to subdue the Jewish rebellion against the emperor Nero and had begun campaigning in AD 66. Continue reading “AD 70 – Titus occupies and plunders Jerusalem”

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