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Viking Age

Viking Raider Saint’s Lost Shrine Rediscovered

Archaeologists believe that they have found the original shrine of the Viking king turned Saint, Olaf Haraldsson. This unlikely Saint spent his early years as a Viking raider before being baptized into the Roman Catholic church in 1013.

Continue reading “Viking Raider Saint’s Lost Shrine Rediscovered”

Second North American Viking Settlement Discovered

Prior to this latest discovery, the only known viking settlement in North America was Newfoundland in Canada. Continue reading “Second North American Viking Settlement Discovered”

1043 – Edward the Confessor is crowned King of England

3 April

Edward the Confessor (1003 – 5 January 1066) was among the last Anglo-Saxon kings of England, and usually considered the last king of the House of Wessex, ruling from 1042 to 1066. Continue reading “1043 – Edward the Confessor is crowned King of England”

On this Day: Ragnar Lodbrok begins siege of Paris

On this day : March 29 AD 845 Ragnar Lodbrok having sailed by the river Seine with 120 ships carrying about 5,000 vikings began the siege of Paris. Continue reading “On this Day: Ragnar Lodbrok begins siege of Paris”

845 – Paris is sacked by Viking raiders

29 March

The Siege of Paris and the Sack of Paris of 845 was the culmination of a Viking invasion of the kingdom of the West Franks. The Viking forces were led by a Norse chieftain named “Reginherus”, or Ragnar, who traditionally has been identified with the legendary saga character Ragnar Lodbrok. Ragnar’s fleet of 120 Viking ships, carrying thousands of men, entered the Seine in March and proceeded sailing up the river. The West Frankish king Charles the Bald assembled a smaller army in response, but as the Vikings defeated one division, comprising half of the army, the remaining forces retreated. The Vikings reached Paris at the end of the month, during Easter. After plundering and occupying the city, the Vikings finally withdrew after receiving a ransom payment of 7,000 French livres (2,570 kilograms or 5,670 pounds) of silver and gold from Charles the Bald. Continue reading “845 – Paris is sacked by Viking raiders”

871 – Æthelred of Wessex fights a Danish invasion force at the Battle of Marton

22 March

The Battle of Marton or Meretum took place on this day in 871 at a place recorded as Marton, perhaps in Wiltshire or Dorset. Æthelred of Wessex had been forced (along with his brother Alfred) into flight following their costly victory against an army of Danish invaders at the Battle of Ashdown. He had retreated to Basing (in Hampshire), where he was again defeated by the forces of Ivar the Boneless. Continue reading “871 – Æthelred of Wessex fights a Danish invasion force at the Battle of Marton”

DNA hunters have opened Viking grave in Normandie

Norwegian researchers have finally got to open the tomb of the Viking leader Rollo’s descendants, and have extracted teeth in the hopes of retrieving DNA. Continue reading “DNA hunters have opened Viking grave in Normandie”

Hiker finds 1,200 year old Viking sword

A hiker travelling between western and eastern Norway, by means of an ancient route sat down for a rest after fishing and discovered a Viking sword Continue reading “Hiker finds 1,200 year old Viking sword”

Retro recipe: Viking Apple Bacon


400 g (1 lb) bacon, fresh or cured
1 tbsp lard or butter, if needed
2 onions, sliced
2-3 apples, cored and sliced
a few whole cloves Continue reading “Retro recipe: Viking Apple Bacon”

871 – Battle of Reading: Æthelred of Wessex is defeated by a Danish invasion army

4 January

The first Battle of Reading was a battle on this day in 871 at Reading in what is now the English county of Berkshire. It was one of a series of battles, with honours to both sides, that took place following an invasion of the then kingdom of Wessex by an army of Danes led by Bagsecg and Halfdan Ragnarsson in an attempt to conquer Wessex. Both battle and campaign are described in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, and this account provides the earliest known written record of the existence of the town of Reading. Continue reading “871 – Battle of Reading: Æthelred of Wessex is defeated by a Danish invasion army”

1000 – Battle of Svoldar, the Viking Age

September (9,10,11)?*

The Battle of Svolder was a naval battle fought in September 999 or 1000 in the western Baltic Sea between King Olaf Tryggvason of Norway and an alliance of his enemies. The backdrop of the battle was the unification of Norway into a single state, long-standing Danish efforts to gain control of the country, and the spread of Christianity in Scandinavia.

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