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1606 – Guy Fawkes executed for involvement in the Gunpowder Plot

On This Day – 31 January 1606

Guy Fawkes (born 13 April 1570) was executed for his involvement in the 1605 Catholic plot against the Anglican King James I of England and VI of Scotland.

Continue reading “1606 – Guy Fawkes executed for involvement in the Gunpowder Plot”

1333 The Battle of Halidon Hill

Halidon Hill.jpg

19 July

During the second Scottish war of Independence, the Scottish forces of Douglas suffered a decisive defeat at the hands of Edward III the king of England. Continue reading “1333 The Battle of Halidon Hill”

Roman villa uncovered under Wiltshire lawn

While workers were digging a trench to lay some electrical cable for home owner Luke Irwin in Wiltshire, they discovered a Roman era mosaic floor which would lead to the discovery of one of Britain’s best preserved Roman villas.

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Grave of King Richard III recreated in 3-D

On the first year anniversary of the reinterment of Richard III when the coffin bearing the mortal remains first emerged from the Fielding Johnson Building at the University of Leicester Continue reading “Grave of King Richard III recreated in 3-D”

Stonehenge burials show gender equality

Source: The Archaeology News Network: Stonehenge burials show gender equality

Stonehenge stolen from the Welsh, and moved?

A new study published in the journal Antiquity has archaeologists suggesting that Stonehenge was not originally located in Wiltshire where it is now. Continue reading “Stonehenge stolen from the Welsh, and moved?”

100 Historical objects made available for teaching

Although intended for, and focussed on,  use in the British curriculum the British museum in conjunction with other British museums has provided images of and resources for 100 historical objects that can be used by any educator. Continue reading “100 Historical objects made available for teaching”

1535 – First full (modern) English language Bible published

4 October – On this day

The first full modern English bible was published in 1535 Continue reading “1535 – First full (modern) English language Bible published”

1066 – William the Conqueror sets sail

27 September – On this day

William the Conqueror set sail from the mouth of the river Somme,  Continue reading “1066 – William the Conqueror sets sail”

Ribchester Fort revelations

A team from the University of Central Lancashire have discovered Ribchester Roman Fort was inhabited long after it was thought abandoned. Continue reading “Ribchester Fort revelations”

Remains of 50 people found at Westminster Abbey

The remains appear to belong mostly to men from the 11th or early 12th centuries but also include the remains of a 3 year-old child. Continue reading “Remains of 50 people found at Westminster Abbey”

1939 Sigmund Freud Dies

24 September – On this Day 

Sigmund Freud renowned Austrian neurologist died on this day at the age of 83. Continue reading “1939 Sigmund Freud Dies”

1987 – Spycatcher ban lifted by Australian court

23 September – On this day

Peter Wright’s autobiography Spycatcher which was banned by the British government Continue reading “1987 – Spycatcher ban lifted by Australian court”

Archaeology found beneath Bus depot

University of Leicester archaeologists are excavating sites that show evidence of Roman and Medieval occupation. Continue reading “Archaeology found beneath Bus depot”

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