In a new discovery archaeologists have discovered a leather pouch full of coins when removing the skeleton of a man who had been crushed by a huge rock.

The skeleton of the man who had been discovered recently was being moved to a laboratory to conduct further analysis when archaeologists found the remains of a leather pouch under his thoracic region.


The pouch contained twenty silver coins, “Twenty silver coins equivalent to 80 sesterces, and 500 euros today, was a sum that an average family in Rome could live well on for two weeks” Pompeii director Massimo Osanna said.

This latest discovery suggests that “he wasn’t filthy rich but neither was he a poor man…He was, perhaps, a merchant, who because of the sick leg hadn’t been persuaded to leave the city in the preceding hours, when almost everyone else had done so.” Osanna told reporters.


Image credits: Pompeii – Parco Archeologico