The Ostrogothic leader Theodoric the Great fought Odoacer at the battle of Verona in 489 (one of many with the same name). This battle was effectively part of the agreement struck with the emperor Zeno at Constantinople. Zeno needed to remove an increasingly powerful Ostrogothic faction under the control of Theodoric from the region and Theodoric clearly had a desire to rule but was unable to take Constantinople, so they agreed that Theodoric should remove the ‘tyrant’ Odoacer from Italy and rule what was the Western part of the empire. The battle of Verona saw the forces of Theodoric defeat those of Odoacer. Odoacer was subsequently forced to flee to Ravenna, and Theoderic was free to capture Pavia and Milan. After defeating Odoacer’s field armies Theodoric besieged him at Ravenna in 493. Theoderic and Odoacer signed a treaty that assured both parties would rule over Italy and 10 days later, at a banquet to celebrate the treaty, Theodoric cut Odoacer in half. Theodoric ruled Italy for 39 years.