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August 2015

1862 – Second Bull Run

28-30 August – Second Battle of Bull Run (Second Manassas)

The culmination of an offensive campaign waged to drive the Union Army of Virginia out of that state. General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia hands a significant defeat to Union forces. Continue reading “1862 – Second Bull Run”

2005 – Hurricane Katrina

29 August – On this day

Hurricane Katrina makes landfall near New Orleans, Louisiana, as a Category 4 storm. Continue reading “2005 – Hurricane Katrina”

WWII The 75th Anniversary

29 August – Battle of Britain

Luftwaffe attacks continue today … Continue reading “WWII The 75th Anniversary”

Arizona State University to offer a history MOOC with freshman credit

ASU will offer a subject called Western Civilization: Ancient and Medieval Europe, and Human Origins starting¬†Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015. Continue reading “Arizona State University to offer a history MOOC with freshman credit”

Oriental Institute Museum – A virtual tour

The University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute has a publicly visible virtual museum allowing those who cant get there in person an opportunity to get a sense of its holdings. Continue reading “Oriental Institute Museum – A virtual tour”

1879 – Zulu king captured

28 August – On this day

South Africa

The last great ruler of Zululand, King Cetshwayo kaMpande is captured by the British on this day in 1879. Continue reading “1879 – Zulu king captured”

Catherine of Aragon

Did you know?

Modern depictions of Catherine of Aragon seem obsessed with one aspect of her … she was ‘Spanish’. This means that she must have looked stereotypically ‘Spanish’, ¬†dark hair and eyes and olive complexion. It could not be further from the truth …. Continue reading “Catherine of Aragon”

Loebolus – a resource for historians

Anyone who is serious about their ancient history needs to know about the Loeb Classical Library which gives historians access to the original Latin or Greek text with an English translation on the facing page. Continue reading “Loebolus – a resource for historians”

Digital epigraphy: Review

This is an excellent volume, which I believe is an important contribution. It is clear that the manual is based on a great deal of experience in the field and will serve as a wonderful introduction for those wanting to transition from traditional methods to digital methods. Continue reading “Digital epigraphy: Review”

Manual of Digital Epigraphy

Epigraphy has developed a number of conventions and recording methods over the years, in recent years these methods have changed to incorporate new digital technologies. Continue reading “Manual of Digital Epigraphy”

1963 – Martin Luther King Jr speaks

28 August – March on Washington

On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, King delivered one of his most famous speeches, and the refrain which made the speech one of the best known in US history. Continue reading “1963 – Martin Luther King Jr speaks”

Archaeologists discover sixth-century sanctuary

Remains of a sixth-century BC sanctuary have been discovered on the Palatine Hill by archaeologists. Continue reading “Archaeologists discover sixth-century sanctuary”

WWII The 75th Anniversary

28 August – The Battle of Britain

The Luftwaffe resumes attacks after a lull on the previous day. Continue reading “WWII The 75th Anniversary”

Vatican virtualisation project

With almost 4,500 digitised manuscripts the Vatican project is progressing into a really useful resource for people interested in history.
Continue reading “Vatican virtualisation project”

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