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August 2015

AD 161 – Commodus born

31 August – On this day

Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus, better known as Commodus was born in Lanuvium the son of the warrior-philosopher emperor Marcus Aurelius. Continue reading “AD 161 – Commodus born”

WWII The 75th Anniversary

31 August – The Battle of Britain

This is the RAF’s most difficult period of the battle. The Luftwaffe were now in measurable distance of achieving their objective of air superiority over south-east England. Continue reading “WWII The 75th Anniversary”

Chichen Itza temple built atop underground river

A subterranean cavity about 20 metres deep has been discovered below the pyramid of Kukulkan at the Mayan site of Chichen Itza in Mexico. Continue reading “Chichen Itza temple built atop underground river”

AD 12 – Caligula born

31 August – On this day

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, or Caligula as he is better known to the world, was born on this day in AD 12. Continue reading “AD 12 – Caligula born”

1888 – The Ripper’s first victim?

31 August – On this day

Attacks against women in the East End during this era adds uncertainty to how many victims were killed by the same person. Eleven separate murders, stretching from 3 April 1888 to 13 February 1891, were included in a London Metropolitan Police Service investigation known Continue reading “1888 – The Ripper’s first victim?”

1864 – Battle of Jonesborough

31 August – 2 September

The Battle of Jonesborough (modern name Jonesboro) was fought August 31–September 2 (incorporating the fall of Atlanta), 1864, during the Atlanta Campaign in the American Civil War. Continue reading “1864 – Battle of Jonesborough”

1600 year old mosaic discovered have reported that archaeologists in Bulgaria have discovered a 1600 year old mosaic in downtown Sofia. Continue reading “1600 year old mosaic discovered”

1862 – Battle of Richmond, Kentucky

30 August – On this Day

Confederate forces rout the Union Army of Kentucky … Continue reading “1862 – Battle of Richmond, Kentucky”

1918 – Lenin shot

30 August – On this day

Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin is shot twice by Fanya Kaplan, a member of the Social Revolutionary party, after speaking at a factory in Moscow. Continue reading “1918 – Lenin shot”

WWII The 75th Anniversary

30 August – The Battle of Britain

German attacks intensify, many airfields are hit … Continue reading “WWII The 75th Anniversary”

Free Access to Cambridge Collections

Cambridge journals are giving away free access to three collections of articles because of the upcoming European Association of Archaeologists Conference 2015. Continue reading “Free Access to Cambridge Collections”

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum online

The CVA online database contains a very large number of images mostly of ancient Greek painted pottery from around the world. Continue reading “Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum online”

Egyptian Blue

Created about 5,000 years ago Egyptian blue is one of the first artificial pigments manufactured by heating a mixture of a calcium compound, sand and potash to around 850-950 C. Continue reading “Egyptian Blue”

3D Imagery to preserve threatened antiquities

The Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDA) is planning to send thousands of cheap 3D cameras to threatened areas in an effort to document historic sites so that exact replicas can be rebuilt in the case of destruction. Continue reading “3D Imagery to preserve threatened antiquities”

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