ASU will offer a subject called Western Civilization: Ancient and Medieval Europe, and Human Origins starting Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015. Donald Johanson, a paleoanthropologist who discovered the famous hominid skeleton known as “Lucy.” will be teaching the human origins component of the course. MOOCs (massive open online courses) differ from traditional courses (and most online courses) in that there is essentially no student contact with the course instructor. This means that as a student you will need to be self-driven and motivated. That said most lovers of history are just that and this seems a great opportunity to earn freshman credit at an American university for very little outlay.

There is a relatively small cost associated with a one-time fee of $45 per course, for identity verification, and then students can choose not to pay for the credit until they pass the final exam. It will cost no more than $200 per credit hour.

This MOOC will be conducted through ASU’s Global Freshman Academy.  Students will receive credit as non-degree seeking students after passing and paying for a course.

Although not enrolled in ASU students can request an official transcript from the university to show their grades and prove their attainment of college credit, which they can use to while applying to any college.

Anyone can register by creating an edX account.