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Australian wife of UN diplomat accused of looting

Ninety-five-year-old Joan Howard has been dubbed Indiana Joan by some after showing off her artefact collection estimated to be worth over one million dollars to the West Australian newspaper.

Continue reading “Australian wife of UN diplomat accused of looting”

Italy busts gang ‘smuggling looted archaeological treasures’


Police arrested two alleged gang members and seized hundreds of looted treasures from the ancient Greek and Roman eras during the operation. Continue reading “Italy busts gang ‘smuggling looted archaeological treasures’”

Satellite images show spike in looting at Egyptian sites

It appears that an increase in political and economic instability has led to an increase in the looting of ancient sites in Egypt. Continue reading “Satellite images show spike in looting at Egyptian sites”

Can there be a case for buying stolen antiquities?

Gary Vikan, former director of the Walters Art Museum (1994-2013) and member of the president’s Cultural Property Advisory Committee (1999-2003) suggests that maybe there can. Continue reading “Can there be a case for buying stolen antiquities?”

FBI Warn – terrorists trafficking Antiquities

The FBI have released a document titled ISIL Antiquities Trafficking asking that dealers and collectors take extra care when buying antiquities from the Near East. Continue reading “FBI Warn – terrorists trafficking Antiquities”

French couple arrested for looting

Spanish police have arrested a French couple for looting the Empuries archaeological site. The police found a number of artefacts in the couple’s car in addition to tools associated with archaeologists including metal detectors. Upon closer inspection police discovered 33 holes at the site.


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