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The extent of Isis’ antiquities trade

As we have written about a couple of times in the past, Isis is engaged in the systemic destruction of ancient sites and artefacts in Syria but at the same time, as the warnings from the FBI indicate, they are selling artefacts to fund their activities.

Continue reading “The extent of Isis’ antiquities trade”

Egyptian Goddess – Isis

The Egyptian goddess Isis was the representation of the ideal mother and wife and the patron of nature and magic. Continue reading “Egyptian Goddess – Isis”

Isis destroys Palmyran tombs

As we have already reported Isis has been destroying our shared cultured heritage in Syria for some time. Continue reading “Isis destroys Palmyran tombs”

UN Secretary-General – “destruction of our common cultural heritage is a war crime”

Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary-General issued a statement through his spokesperson regarding the systematic destruction and plunder of Syria’s cultural heritage. Continue reading “UN Secretary-General – “destruction of our common cultural heritage is a war crime””

VR, the future of site preservation?

With the destruction of sites in the Middle East by ISIS digital preservation of archaeological sites has again become a point of discussion. Continue reading “VR, the future of site preservation?”

Can there be a case for buying stolen antiquities?

Gary Vikan, former director of the Walters Art Museum (1994-2013) and member of the president’s Cultural Property Advisory Committee (1999-2003) suggests that maybe there can. Continue reading “Can there be a case for buying stolen antiquities?”

FBI Warn – terrorists trafficking Antiquities

The FBI have released a document titled ISIL Antiquities Trafficking asking that dealers and collectors take extra care when buying antiquities from the Near East. Continue reading “FBI Warn – terrorists trafficking Antiquities”

Archaeologists protest Al-Assad’s beheading

Archaeologists working at the Antioch of Pisidia ruins have staged a sit in to protest the beheading of Khaled Al-Assad, the 82 year old archaeologist beheaded recently by IS for refusing to reveal the location of hidden artefacts from the site of Palmyra.  Continue reading “Archaeologists protest Al-Assad’s beheading”

Khaled al-Asaad Beheaded

Reports from a number of sources indicate that 82 year old archaeologist Khaled al-Asaad has been beheaded by Islamic State for refusing to reveal the location of hidden artefacts from the site of Palmyra. The Syrian archaeologist had devoted much of his life to this site

It is a sad thing for a life to be lost in such tragic circumstances defending the shared cultural heritage many of us love, all of us at History Bytes send our condolences to his family and colleagues.

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