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Roman Shipwrecks Discovered

Dr Mostafa Waziri the head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities has reported that archaeologists have uncovered the remains of three Roman shipwrecks discovered in Abu Qir bay, Alexandria Egypt.

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29 BC – Octavian celebrates a triumph over Illyricum

13 August

Octavian celebrates the first of three consecutive triumphs at Rome, this one celebrated his victory over Illyricum. The war against Illyricum actually took place several years earlier.

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AD 4 Augustus adopts Tiberius

26 June

Augustus the first emperor of Rome adopts his step-son Tiberius ensuring the hereditary succession of the principate.

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Mausoleum of Augustus restoration project to begin

A six-million-euro preliminary project to restore the Mausoleum of Augustus in Rome has been approved. Continue reading “Mausoleum of Augustus restoration project to begin”

63 BC – Augustus born

23 September – On this day

Gaius Octavius Thurinus who would become the first emperor of Rome known as Augustus was born. Continue reading “63 BC – Augustus born”

Today – 19th August in 43 BC

On the 19th of August 43 BC Octavian, later to become Augustus the first emperor of Rome, compelled the Roman Senate to elect him Consul of Rome.

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