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1606 – Guy Fawkes executed for involvement in the Gunpowder Plot

On This Day – 31 January 1606

Guy Fawkes (born 13 April 1570) was executed for his involvement in the 1605 Catholic plot against the Anglican King James I of England and VI of Scotland.

Continue reading “1606 – Guy Fawkes executed for involvement in the Gunpowder Plot”

AD 96 Domitian assassinated

18 September – On this day

Titus Flavius Caesar Domitianus Augustus was assassinated by court officials. Continue reading “AD 96 Domitian assassinated”

AD 668 – The Eastern Emperor Constans II assassinated

15 September – On this day

The emperor Constans II was assassinated while taking a bath. Continue reading “AD 668 – The Eastern Emperor Constans II assassinated”

1978 – Georgi Markov assassinated

7 September – On this day

Prize-winning Bulgarian author and BBC broadcaster Georgi Markov, was stabbed in the back of the leg with an umbrella gun injecting a Ricin pellet while walking across the Waterloo bridge in London. Continue reading “1978 – Georgi Markov assassinated”

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