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New Lorica Segmentata discovered at Kalkriese

Archaeologists working at Kalkriese, the site of the Varan disaster, have made a sensational discovery. They have found an almost complete Roman Lorica Segmentata dated to approximately the time of the battle (3AD).

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Vespasian wore Greek Armour

Did you know?

Although the Linothorax is considered purely a Greek armour by many people, in fact a number of non-Greeks are known for having used the Linothorax. Continue reading “Vespasian wore Greek Armour”


The Dendra Panapoly

The Evolution of Armour page has been updated with an entry on the Dendra Panapoly from the Mycenaean period (15th Cent. BC).

This is the first post to this page and the start of a regular feature with different armours added each time.

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World War I Iron Man

The evolution of body armour is a fascinating subject from the stylistic changes in Roman armour to the development of modern bullet proof vests, sometimes the failures tell us as much as the successes do. Max Virtus has written a really interesting article on one of those failures that never made it to the battlefield in his article about the World War I Brewster body armour.

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