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I have a Bachelor Degree in Ancient History. Main areas of study include Classical Language (Ancient Greek) and Greek and Roman Military. While my passion is Ancient History, I have a keen interest in English Literature, particularly the Victorian era. I am currently studying a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

The Women of Ancient Sparta

There is much speculation about the character of Spartan Women. They are often viewed as strong, determined and powerful. This perception stems from the ability they had to hold more rights and experience more privileges than Greek women of other city-states.

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Virtual reconstruction of House in Pompeii

Archaeologists have created a detailed 3D virtual reconstruction of a house in Pompeii before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. Continue reading “Virtual reconstruction of House in Pompeii”

Ancient Greek Myth – Jason and the Argonauts




Argonautica was written in the 3rd Century BC by the Greek epic poet Apollonius Rhodius.

It is a mythological story of Jason, Prince of Iolcus and a band of sailors (Greek: ναύς) aboard a ship named the Argos (Greek: Αρλώ, literally ‘the sailors of the Argos’ = Αρλόναύτς). Continue reading “Ancient Greek Myth – Jason and the Argonauts”

13th September 1963 – Mary Kay Inc. founded


Texan born business entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash began her own skin care and cosmetics company 53 years ago today.

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Modern Olympian Phelps – greatest title holder of all time

Ancient Olympic Athletes - Vase detail

Champion American swimmer Michael Phelps has broken a 2000 year old Ancient Olympic record after competing in the Rio Olympics this week. Continue reading “Modern Olympian Phelps – greatest title holder of all time”

Ancient Greek still spoken in Turkey

ancient greek inscriptions

In 2010 BBC journalist Neil Trevithick travelled to the Pontic Alps in far north eastern Turkey with ancestors of Pontic Greeks who make the pilgrimage to the area to honour their ancestors. Continue reading “Ancient Greek still spoken in Turkey”

Weaponry of the Army of Phillip II of Macedon – the Sarissa

Phillip II of Macedon

The sarissa was a long pike used by the infantry of Phillip II (King of Macedonia 359 – 336BC).

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Ancient Gemstones – Lapis Lazuli

A highly sought after blue gem stone, lapis lazuli is a complex mineral containing aluminium and sodium. Continue reading “Ancient Gemstones – Lapis Lazuli”

May 8th, 1886 – 130 years of Coca – Cola

On May 8th 1886 Coca – Cola was invented in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr John Stith Pemberton made a syrup which was then carbonated with water. The drink was trialed at a local pharmacy and sold as a soda fountain drink for 5 cents a glass.

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The origin of the Olympic flame 776BC

First settled around 3000BC the sacred ground of Olympia on the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece, is believed to have become the stage for the first Ancient Olympic Games in 776BC.

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1599 – Pompeii discovered by Architect

trenches-pompeii-samnite-tombIn April 1599 , Italian Architect Domenico Fontana discovered the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii, while constructing a canal beneath the city. Continue reading “1599 – Pompeii discovered by Architect”

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