31 August,


Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus GermanicusAKA Caligula the future emperor of Rome and son of the very popular Germanicus was born on this day in AD 12.

Caligula became emperor after the death of his uncle Tiberius, making the young man the third emperor of Rome on the 18th of March AD 37. He reigned for just under four years (3 years and 10 months).

When Caligula first became emperor the Roman people celebrated his accession, but not much more than 6 months after his accession his reign turned into a nightmare for anyone close to the emperor and in particular for the Senate.

Caligula has been described by many authors as insane, some believing that the illness he suffered early in his reign may have led to a mental condition. Caligula was assassinated in January of AD 41 as a result of a conspiracy involving the Praetorian guard, Senators and court officials.


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