As we reported earlier it has long been rumoured that in the last days of WWII the Nazi’s who had assembled a vast treasure including 300 tons of gold brought a heavily armoured train to Wroclaw Poland. In May 1945 this train left and has not been seen since. Now two men have come forward claiming they know where the train is and will reveal the location if they are given 10% of the treasure.

More recently we reported that the mayor’s office of the south-western city of Walbrzych, had confirmed the find of a military train.

In the latest news, scientists and the treasure hunters claiming to have found the train are arguing about the train’s existence. Both parties agree that a short (sealed) tunnel has been discovered however the scientists argue that the ground penetrating radar result indicate that there is no train present, whereas the treasure hunters also using ground penetrating radar say there is clearly a train present.

More to come on this story I am sure.