Dear History Bytez reader,

As some of you may have noticed History Bytez has been undergoing a few changes of late. We have been trying to decide the best way forward for the blog/website, we became concerned that our frequent posting early in the blog’s life was starting to feel like spam, and that’s the last thing anyone here wants to do.

So we have taken some time to consider the best way forward for History Bytez and I am really excited to announce our new model. We will be posting time sensitive items on the blog daily that includes news pieces, on this day pieces and the 75th anniversary of World War II articles you can expect to see between 4 and 6 new posts on the site every weekday. We will no longer be posting our longer feature stories on the website, instead we are announcing that we will be producing a free monthly electronic magazine History Bytez that will contain our feature stories. The first issue is scheduled for November 1. We are also hoping to provide print on demand options for those of you who prefer your magazines in paper format.

We appreciate you and value your opinion regarding the direction of the site, if you have any comments or suggestions please post them, we read every comment. Please follow us on Facebook and/or Google+ and show your support. We hope that you are as excited about this new direction as we are.

All the best,

Maxx and Rod