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1914 – The Battle of Tannenberg

26-30 August

The Battle of Tannenberg saw the German forces under the command of Paul von Hindenburg inflict one of the most complete defeats in military history on the Russian second army.

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1914 – First Allied shot of WWI fired in Victoria Australia.

5 August

The First Allies shot of the first world war was fired from the Port Phillip batteries. The German ship SS Pfalz was trying to flee Port Phillip after it had been informed of the outbreak of war.

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1914 – Germany Declares war on France

3 August

Two days after declaring war on Russia Germany declares war on France, whilst Romania and Switzerland declare their neutrality. Continue reading “1914 – Germany Declares war on France”

1914 – The German Occupation of Luxemburg

2 August

The 1914 German Occupation of Luxemburg was the first of two German occupations, the Germans claimed the occupation occurred in order to support their forces in France. Continue reading “1914 – The German Occupation of Luxemburg”

1916 The Battle of Fromelles begins


19 July

Fromelles was the first major battle fought by Australians on the Western front. Fromelles saw British and Australian troops attack the German lines in a prelude to the battle of the Somme. Continue reading “1916 The Battle of Fromelles begins”

1914 – WWI – Battle of the Falkland Islands

8 December

The Battle of the Falkland Islands was a British naval victory over the Imperial German Navy on this day in 1914 during the First World War in the South Atlantic. The British, after a defeat at the Battle of Coronel on 1 November, sent a large force to track down and destroy the victorious German cruiser squadron. Continue reading “1914 – WWI – Battle of the Falkland Islands”

1914 – SMS Emden is sunk by HMAS Sydney in the Battle of Cocos

9 November

The Battle of Cocos was a single-ship action that occurred on this day in 1914, after the Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney (under the command of John Glossop) responded to an attack on a communications station at Direction Island by the German light cruiser SMS Emden (commanded by Karl von Müller). Continue reading “1914 – SMS Emden is sunk by HMAS Sydney in the Battle of Cocos”

1914 – The ‘Race to the Sea’ begins

17 September – On this day

The Race to the Sea took place from about 17 September – 19 October 1914 and is part of the series of battles fought at the beginning of WWI in the West before a continuous trench line was established. Continue reading “1914 – The ‘Race to the Sea’ begins”

1916 – Tanks first used in battle

15 September – On this day

Tanks were first used in combat by the British army on this day in 1916 as part of the ongoing Somme Offensive. Continue reading “1916 – Tanks first used in battle”

1914 – HMAS AE1 lost with all hands

14 September – On this day

HMAS AE1 (originally known as just AE1) was an E-class submarine of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). She was the first submarine to serve in the RAN, and was lost at sea with all hands near East New Britain, Papua New Guinea, on this day in 1914, after less than seven months in service. Continue reading “1914 – HMAS AE1 lost with all hands”

1860 – John Pershing born

13 September – On this day

John Joseph “Black Jack” Pershing (1860 – 15 July, 1948) was the general in the United States Army who led the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) to victory in 1917 – 1918.  Continue reading “1860 – John Pershing born”

1914 – Canadian Auto Machine Gun Brigade

August – Canada

The Canadian Automobile Machine Gun Brigade, was the first fully mechanized unit of the Canadian Army. It was established on August 24, 1914 in Ottawa, Canada, as Automobile Machine Gun Brigade No. 1 by Canadian Brigadier-General Raymond Brutinel, who initiated the program and was the unit’s first commander. The unit played a significant part in halting the major German offensive of March 1918. Continue reading “1914 – Canadian Auto Machine Gun Brigade”

1915 – First ‘tank’ produced

6 September – On this day

In 1915, a prototype tank nicknamed Little Willie rolls off the assembly line in England. Little Willie was far from an overnight success, improvements were made to the original prototype and tanks eventually transformed military battlefields. Continue reading “1915 – First ‘tank’ produced”

1914 – The Battle of Tannenberg

26-30 August 1914

This was a major engagement between Russia and Germany in the first month of world war one. Fought among the forests and lakes of eastern Prussia, the battle was a major setback for Russia. Continue reading “1914 – The Battle of Tannenberg”

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