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1959 – First man-made object reaches the moon

14 September – On this day

The Soviet union win the race to the moon by crashing the first man-made object into the moon. Continue reading “1959 – First man-made object reaches the moon”

Soviet WWII plane discovered in Polish lake

A drought in Poland has led to the discovery of an aircraft wedged in the mud of a lake about 70km west of the Polish capital Warsaw. Continue reading “Soviet WWII plane discovered in Polish lake”

1960 – Francis Gary Powers sentenced in USSR

19 August – On this day

Francis Gary Powers was a CIA-employed pilot tasked with flying a Lockheed U-2 spy plane over the USSR to gather intelligence information. On 1 May 1960 about half way through his mission he was shot down by the Soviets over the Ural Mountains and captured. He was charged with espionage and put on trial. Continue reading “1960 – Francis Gary Powers sentenced in USSR”

Review – MIG vs America, Cold War in the Skies

An interesting albeit somewhat  older documentary that examines fighter design arms race between the US and USSR from the creation of  the Russia MIG 15, one of the most prolific fighters ever, manufactured in 4 countries and used by at least 18 to the MIG 29 and tracks the US developments from the US F-86 Sabre which was used by 26 different airforces to the F-18 Hornet.

Continue reading “Review – MIG vs America, Cold War in the Skies”

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