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Viking Raider Saint’s Lost Shrine Rediscovered

Archaeologists believe that they have found the original shrine of the Viking king turned Saint, Olaf Haraldsson. This unlikely Saint spent his early years as a Viking raider before being baptized into the Roman Catholic church in 1013.

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Greek manuscripts from the British Library online

The British Library has digitised and made over 900 Greek manuscripts available online. They are available for viewing as high resolution colour images.

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New Ancient Greek City Discovered

Research and excavations by researchers from Gothenburg University are uncovering a previously unknown Greek city. The site has been discovered 5 hours north of Athens near the village of Vlochós.

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Detectorist finds 1,100 year old crucifix in Denmark

On Friday March 11th Dennis Fabricius Holm was out searching with his metal detector and made an exceptional find. Continue reading “Detectorist finds 1,100 year old crucifix in Denmark”

3D Imagery to preserve threatened antiquities

The Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDA) is planning to send thousands of cheap 3D cameras to threatened areas in an effort to document historic sites so that exact replicas can be rebuilt in the case of destruction. Continue reading “3D Imagery to preserve threatened antiquities”

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