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Mummification more common and widespread than previously believed.

Archaeologists at the University of Sheffield¬†working with colleagues from the University of Manchester and University College London have discovered that some ancient Briton burials are consistent with a prehistoric mummy from northern Yemen. Continue reading “Mummification more common and widespread than previously believed.”

Archaeologists estimate Egyptian catacombs contained 8 million dog mummies

One of the gods worshiped by the ancient Egyptians was the jackel-headed god of Death Anubis. Continue reading “Archaeologists estimate Egyptian catacombs contained 8 million dog mummies”

Papua New Guinea cliffside mummies

Mummies can be found all over the world and Papua New Guinea is no different.¬† Continue reading “Papua New Guinea cliffside mummies”

Overfed Kestrel indicates active breeding in Egypt

A group of researchers trying to determine the reason for the number of mummified birds of prey found in Egyptian tombs are one step closer after recent research. Continue reading “Overfed Kestrel indicates active breeding in Egypt”

Forensic facial reconstruction of Mummy

A group of international scientists have used forensic reconstruction techniques to determine what the oldest mummy at the Egyptian museum of Florence actually looked like when he was alive. Continue reading “Forensic facial reconstruction of Mummy”

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