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AD 70 – Titus breaches second wall of Jerusalem

30 May РOn this day 

Titus and his Roman legions breached the Second Wall of Jerusalem. The siege had begun in February of AD 70 and didn’t finish until September of the same year. Continue reading “AD 70 – Titus breaches second wall of Jerusalem”

The Siege of Jerusalem 1187

The siege of Jerusalem in 1187 began on the 20th of September and lasted until the 2nd of October when the city was surrendered by Balian of Ibelin and handed over to Saladin. Continue reading “The Siege of Jerusalem 1187”

AD 70 – Titus occupies and plunders Jerusalem

7 September – On this day

Before he became the emperor of Rome Vespasian had been appointed to subdue the Jewish rebellion against the emperor Nero and had begun campaigning in AD 66. Continue reading “AD 70 – Titus occupies and plunders Jerusalem”

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