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Silver Denarii hoard discovered at Empuries Site

Recent excavations at the Empuries site on the Cost Brava, which has been the subject of excavations for 180 years has yielded another major find. Continue reading “Silver Denarii hoard discovered at Empuries Site”

Revisiting the world’s oldest winery

In revisit of an earlier story the darker side of the world’s oldest winemaking facility has been revealed. Continue reading “Revisiting the world’s oldest winery”

VR used to document Ellwangen Excavation

Virtual reality (VR) technology is being used to bring history to life. Archaeologist David Finsterwalder has been experimenting with VR at an excavation in Southern Germany in Ellwangen. Continue reading “VR used to document Ellwangen Excavation”

Three Roman pagan temples discovered

Bulgarian archaeologists excavating the acropolis of Peperikon,  Continue reading “Three Roman pagan temples discovered”

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