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Ancient Babylonian declaration of human rights

In March 1879, the Cyrus cylinder was discovered in Iraq made from baked clay and only about 22cm long Continue reading “Ancient Babylonian declaration of human rights”

Restoration of Tut’s beard video

You might remember a story we put up some time ago about the mask of Tutankhamen being damaged and the beard breaking off as a result. Continue reading “Restoration of Tut’s beard video”

A video walk-through of the archaeological site of Babylon

The video below is presented by two members of the world monuments fund team working on  the archaeological site of Babylon in Iraq. Continue reading “A video walk-through of the archaeological site of Babylon”

Largest ever Neolithic discovery on Anglesey

An important neolithic site has been discovered by archaeologists surveying the site for a new school. Continue reading “Largest ever Neolithic discovery on Anglesey”

New Roman Mosaic discovered

Archaeologists in Italy have discovered an ancient Roman mosaic in a Tuscan village. Continue reading “New Roman Mosaic discovered”

Can there be a case for buying stolen antiquities?

Gary Vikan, former director of the Walters Art Museum (1994-2013) and member of the president’s Cultural Property Advisory Committee (1999-2003) suggests that maybe there can. Continue reading “Can there be a case for buying stolen antiquities?”

FBI Warn – terrorists trafficking Antiquities

The FBI have released a document titled ISIL Antiquities Trafficking asking that dealers and collectors take extra care when buying antiquities from the Near East. Continue reading “FBI Warn – terrorists trafficking Antiquities”

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