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10th Century

Tutankhamen’s Tomb set to close in October

The tomb of the famous boy pharoah will be closed in October according to the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry. Continue reading “Tutankhamen’s Tomb set to close in October”

994 – Battle of the Orontes

15 September – On this day

The Battle of the Orontes was fought on this day in 994 between the Byzantines and their Hamdanid allies under Michael Bourtzes against the forces of the Fatimid vizier of Damascus, the Turkish general Manjutakin. The battle was a Fatimid victory. Continue reading “994 – Battle of the Orontes”

1000 – Battle of Svoldar, the Viking Age

September (9,10,11)?*

The Battle of Svolder was a naval battle fought in September 999 or 1000 in the western Baltic Sea between King Olaf Tryggvason of Norway and an alliance of his enemies. The backdrop of the battle was the unification of Norway into a single state, long-standing Danish efforts to gain control of the country, and the spread of Christianity in Scandinavia.

Continue reading “1000 – Battle of Svoldar, the Viking Age”

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