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4th Century

Roman villa uncovered under Wiltshire lawn

While workers were digging a trench to lay some¬†electrical cable for home owner Luke Irwin in Wiltshire, they discovered a Roman era mosaic floor which would lead to the discovery of one of Britain’s best preserved Roman villas.

Continue reading “Roman villa uncovered under Wiltshire lawn”

AD 351 – The Battle of Mursa

28 September – On this day

The battle of Mursa between Constantine II and Magnentius was part of a civil war which took place somewhere in the Drava valley in Illyricum. Continue reading “AD 351 – The Battle of Mursa”

Pyramids discovered in Kushite cemetery

Near the ancient town of Gematon in the Sudan 16 pyramids with tombs beneath have been discovered. Continue reading “Pyramids discovered in Kushite cemetery”

AD 307 – Death of Severus II

16 September – On this day

Flavius Valerius Severus Augustus (Severus II) was either executed or forced to commit suicide. Continue reading “AD 307 – Death of Severus II”

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