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Online Greek Coinage

Online Greek Coinage is an international project with the goal of creating a place for the presentation of ancient Greek coinage on the web, drawing on a number of open data resources. The site provides a reference database and it will in time provide a classical typology of all Greek coin types online.



Amarna Reports Digitised and Available

Originally published by the Egypt Exploration Society the 6 volumes that make up the  Amarna Reports were published between 1984 and 1995.

Continue reading “Amarna Reports Digitised and Available”

Greek manuscripts from the British Library online

The British Library has digitised and made over 900 Greek manuscripts available online. They are available for viewing as high resolution colour images.

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100 Historical objects made available for teaching

Although intended for, and focussed on,  use in the British curriculum the British museum in conjunction with other British museums has provided images of and resources for 100 historical objects that can be used by any educator. Continue reading “100 Historical objects made available for teaching”

Free Access to Cambridge Collections

Cambridge journals are giving away free access to three collections of articles because of the upcoming European Association of Archaeologists Conference 2015. Continue reading “Free Access to Cambridge Collections”

Loebolus – a resource for historians

Anyone who is serious about their ancient history needs to know about the Loeb Classical Library which gives historians access to the original Latin or Greek text with an English translation on the facing page. Continue reading “Loebolus – a resource for historians”

Manual of Digital Epigraphy

Epigraphy has developed a number of conventions and recording methods over the years, in recent years these methods have changed to incorporate new digital technologies. Continue reading “Manual of Digital Epigraphy”

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