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Saturnalia – Ancient Roman Festival

On This Day – 17 December

The Ancient Romans celebrated the beginning of the Saturnalia with a festival in honour of Saturnus, the god of seed and sowing.

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1202 – The Crusader Siege of Zara

On This Day – 10 November 1202

The siege of Zara began. This was the first major action of the fourth crusade and the first attack against a Catholic city by Catholic crusaders. The attack was forbidden by Pope Innocent III who threatened the crusaders with excommunication.

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The Getae sent messages to Zalmoxis

Did you know?

Herodotus describes a particularly interesting religious practice of the Getae where they would send a messenger chosen by lot to Zalmoxis every five years. Continue reading “The Getae sent messages to Zalmoxis”

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