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New Ancient Greek City Discovered

Research and excavations by researchers from Gothenburg University are uncovering a previously unknown Greek city. The site has been discovered 5 hours north of Athens near the village of Vlochós.

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The Women of Ancient Sparta

There is much speculation about the character of Spartan Women. They are often viewed as strong, determined and powerful. This perception stems from the ability they had to hold more rights and experience more privileges than Greek women of other city-states.

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An exceptional discovery at Thorikos, Greece

Archaeologists have just discovered an inextricable network of galleries, shafts and chambers. Continue reading “An exceptional discovery at Thorikos, Greece”

Elephant butchered at one of the oldest sites in Greece

Researchers have discovered a number of stone tools and a near complete elephant skeleton dating to 300,000-600,000 years ago at Megalopolis in Greece. Continue reading “Elephant butchered at one of the oldest sites in Greece”

17th Century Greek palace discovered

The palace was discovered near Sparta and has been dated to the 17th -16th Century BC. The palace had approximately 10 rooms. Continue reading “17th Century Greek palace discovered”

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