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Archaeologists estimate Egyptian catacombs contained 8 million dog mummies

One of the gods worshiped by the ancient Egyptians was the jackel-headed god of Death Anubis. Continue reading “Archaeologists estimate Egyptian catacombs contained 8 million dog mummies”

Tutankhamun’s mask to be restored after damage

The famous mask of Tutankhamun has suffered inadvertent damage since it was excavated by Howard carter in 1922 from misguided attempts to polish the gold and lapis. The most recent, and most significant damage Continue reading “Tutankhamun’s mask to be restored after damage”

Overfed Kestrel indicates active breeding in Egypt

A group of researchers trying to determine the reason for the number of mummified birds of prey found in Egyptian tombs are one step closer after recent research. Continue reading “Overfed Kestrel indicates active breeding in Egypt”

Forensic facial reconstruction of Mummy

A group of international scientists have used forensic reconstruction techniques to determine what the oldest mummy at the Egyptian museum of Florence actually looked like when he was alive. Continue reading “Forensic facial reconstruction of Mummy”

30BC – Battle of Actium

2 September – On this day

The Battle of Actium, a naval battle fought off the western coast of Greece, sees Roman leader Octavian win a decisive victory against the forces of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Continue reading “30BC – Battle of Actium”

Egyptian Blue

Created about 5,000 years ago Egyptian blue is one of the first artificial pigments manufactured by heating a mixture of a calcium compound, sand and potash to around 850-950 C. Continue reading “Egyptian Blue”

Oriental Institute Museum – A virtual tour

The University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute has a publicly visible virtual museum allowing those who cant get there in person an opportunity to get a sense of its holdings. Continue reading “Oriental Institute Museum – A virtual tour”

Manual of Digital Epigraphy

Epigraphy has developed a number of conventions and recording methods over the years, in recent years these methods have changed to incorporate new digital technologies. Continue reading “Manual of Digital Epigraphy”

Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom October 12, 2015–January 24, 2016

Two hundred and thirty objects, many of which have never been shown in the United States, form a major international exhibition in the Tisch Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
Continue reading “Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom October 12, 2015–January 24, 2016”

Has Nefertitis tomb been found?

British Archaeologist Nicolas Reeves feels that he may have found the resting place of Nefertitis’ mummy. After studying the high-resolution images taken of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 2009 Reeves was able to discern the texture of the walls of the tomb beneath the paint. This allowed Reeves to discover what he believes are two plastered over doors. Although it is still far from certain that anything exists behind these doors, Reeves believes he has found the likely resting place of Nefertiti. Examination with seismic X-ray and ground penetrating radar equipment is the next step in determining whether or not Reeves is right.

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