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Italy busts gang ‘smuggling looted archaeological treasures’


Police arrested two alleged gang members and seized hundreds of looted treasures from the ancient Greek and Roman eras during the operation. Continue reading “Italy busts gang ‘smuggling looted archaeological treasures’”

1921 – The first Virginia Rappe manslaughter trial ends

4 December

Virginia Rappe (1891 – 1921) was an American model and silent film actress and is best known for her death after attending a party with actor Roscoe Arbuckle, who was accused of complicity in her death though ultimately exonerated. Continue reading “1921 – The first Virginia Rappe manslaughter trial ends”

1934 – Bruno Hauptmann arrested for Lindbergh kidnapping

19 September – On this day

Bruno Richard Hauptmann (26 November, 1899 – 3 April, 1936) was a German-born carpenter who was convicted of the abduction and murder of the 20-month-old son of Charles Lindbergh. The Lindbergh kidnapping became known as “The Crime of the Century”. Hauptmann was executed in the electric chair at the New Jersey State Prison in 1936, proclaiming his innocence to the end. Continue reading “1934 – Bruno Hauptmann arrested for Lindbergh kidnapping”

Jack the Ripper

Did you know?

There is still a commonly held belief that one of the prime suspects in the Jack the Ripper murders was a member of the Royal family. Continue reading “Jack the Ripper”

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