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Saturnalia – New Header Image

To celebrate the start of the Ancient Roman Saturnalia festival we have changed our header image to a ‘slice’ taken from Antoine Callet’s oil painting Saturnales. Callet was a French painter who lived 1741 – 1823. He became the official portraitist for Louis XVI, as well as creating allegorical works such as this one.


Recreating an ancient gem

Stolen carving discovered in Paris

A 3,000-year-old Olmec carving stolen from southern Mexico sometime between 1968 and 1972 has been found in Paris. Continue reading “Stolen carving discovered in Paris”

Mexican cave paintings restored

A series of 2,500 year old ochre and turquoise cave paintings Continue reading “Mexican cave paintings restored”

Tutankhamun’s mask to be restored after damage

The famous mask of¬†Tutankhamun has suffered inadvertent damage since it was excavated by Howard carter in 1922 from misguided attempts to polish the gold and lapis.¬†The most recent, and most significant damage Continue reading “Tutankhamun’s mask to be restored after damage”

Egyptian Blue

Created about 5,000 years ago Egyptian blue is one of the first artificial pigments manufactured by heating a mixture of a calcium compound, sand and potash to around 850-950 C. Continue reading “Egyptian Blue”

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