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778 – The Battle of Roncevaux Pass

15 August

The Battle of Roncevaux Pass in 778 saw a large force of Basques ambush a part of Charlemagne’s army in Roncevaux Pass, a high mountain pass in the Pyrenees on the border between France and Spain, after his invasion of the Iberian Peninsula. Continue reading “778 – The Battle of Roncevaux Pass”

1808 – Outbreak of the Peninsular War

2 May

The people of Madrid rise up in rebellion against French occupation. Francisco de Goya later memorialises this event in his painting The Second of May 1808. Continue reading “1808 – Outbreak of the Peninsular War”

457 – Majorian is acclaimed emperor by the Roman army

1 April

A prominent general of the Late Roman army, Majorian deposed Emperor Avitus in 457 and succeeded him. Majorian was one of the last emperors to make a concerted effort to restore the Western Roman Empire. Possessing little more than Italy, Dalmatia, and some territory in northern Gaul, Majorian campaigned rigorously for three years against the Empire’s enemies. Continue reading “457 – Majorian is acclaimed emperor by the Roman army”

1809 – Peninsular War: the Battle of Ciudad Real

27 March

The Battle of Ciudad Real was fought on this day in 1809, and resulted in a French victory under General Sebastiani against the Spanish under General Conde de Cartojal. Continue reading “1809 – Peninsular War: the Battle of Ciudad Real”

1812 – Siege of Badajoz begins

16 March

In the Siege of Badajoz (16 March – 6 April 1812), also called the Third Siege of Badajoz, an Anglo-Portuguese Army, under General Arthur Wellesley (later the Duke of Wellington), besieged Badajoz, Spain and forced the surrender of the French garrison. Continue reading “1812 – Siege of Badajoz begins”

1311 – Battle of Halmyros

15 March

The Battle of Halmyros, (known also as; the Battle of the Cephissus or Battle of Orchomenos), was fought on this day in 1311 between the forces of the Frankish Duchy of Athens and its vassals under Walter of Brienne and the mercenaries of the Catalan Company, resulting in a devastating victory for the Catalans. Continue reading “1311 – Battle of Halmyros”

1893 – The USS Indiana is launched

28 February

USS Indiana (BB-1) was the lead ship of her class and the first battleship in the United States Navy comparable to foreign battleships of the time. Authorized in 1890 and commissioned five years later, she was a small battleship, though with heavy armour and ordnance. The ship also pioneered the use of an intermediate battery. She was designed for coastal defence and as a result her decks were not safe from high waves on the open ocean. Continue reading “1893 – The USS Indiana is launched”

1525 – A Spanish-Austrian army defeats a French army at the Battle of Pavia

24 February

The Battle of Pavia, fought in the morning on this day in 1525, was the decisive engagement of the Italian War of 1521–26. Continue reading “1525 – A Spanish-Austrian army defeats a French army at the Battle of Pavia”

1503 – The Battle of Garigliano

29 December

The Battle of Garigliano was fought on this day in 1503 between a Spanish army under Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba and a French army commanded by Ludovico II, Marquis of Saluzzo, near Gaeta (present-day Italy). Continue reading “1503 – The Battle of Garigliano”

1718 – War of the Quadruple Alliance: Great Britain declares war on Spain

17 December

The War of the Quadruple Alliance (1718–1720) was a result of the ambitions of King Philip V of Spain, his wife, Elisabeth Farnese, and his chief minister Giulio Alberoni to retake territories in Italy and to claim the French throne. Continue reading “1718 – War of the Quadruple Alliance: Great Britain declares war on Spain”

Iberian Shipwreck discovered

Underwater research being conducted of Cape Creus, Catalonia strongly suggests that the pre-Roman Iberians were seafarers. This is the second boat dated to roughly this period found of the Spanish coast. Continue reading “Iberian Shipwreck discovered”

1229 – Battle of Portopí

12 September – On this day

The Battle of Portopí was fought between the Almohad troops that occupied the island of Majorca and the Christian army led by King James I (the Conqueror) of Aragon. Continue reading “1229 – Battle of Portopí”

1798 – Battle of St. George’s Caye

10 September – On this day

The Battle of St. George’s Caye was a short military engagement that lasted from 3 to 10 September 1798, off the coast of what is now Belize. However, the name is typically reserved for the final battle that occurred on 10 September. Continue reading “1798 – Battle of St. George’s Caye”

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