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1861 – The First Taranaki War ends in New Zealand

19 March

The First Taranaki War was an armed conflict over land ownership and sovereignty that took place between Māori and the New Zealand Government in the Taranaki district of New Zealand’s North Island from March 1860 to March 1861. Continue reading “1861 – The First Taranaki War ends in New Zealand”

The extent of Isis’ antiquities trade

As we have written about a couple of times in the past, Isis is engaged in the systemic destruction of ancient sites and artefacts in Syria but at the same time, as the warnings from the FBI indicate, they are selling artefacts to fund their activities.

Continue reading “The extent of Isis’ antiquities trade”

Free Access to Cambridge Collections

Cambridge journals are giving away free access to three collections of articles because of the upcoming European Association of Archaeologists Conference 2015. Continue reading “Free Access to Cambridge Collections”

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum online

The CVA online database contains a very large number of images mostly of ancient Greek painted pottery from around the world. Continue reading “Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum online”

Loebolus – a resource for historians

Anyone who is serious about their ancient history needs to know about the Loeb Classical Library which gives historians access to the original Latin or Greek text with an English translation on the facing page. Continue reading “Loebolus – a resource for historians”

Digital epigraphy: Review

This is an excellent volume, which I believe is an important contribution. It is clear that the manual is based on a great deal of experience in the field and will serve as a wonderful introduction for those wanting to transition from traditional methods to digital methods. Continue reading “Digital epigraphy: Review”

Manual of Digital Epigraphy

Epigraphy has developed a number of conventions and recording methods over the years, in recent years these methods have changed to incorporate new digital technologies. Continue reading “Manual of Digital Epigraphy”

Vatican virtualisation project

With almost 4,500 digitised manuscripts the Vatican project is progressing into a really useful resource for people interested in history.
Continue reading “Vatican virtualisation project”

Gutenberg Bible

Although some people are proclaiming today as the anniversary of the printing of the Gutenberg Bible, this is unlikely. It is very difficult to pin down the exact date for the printing with two of the dates commonly suggested being the 25th of August and the 23rd of February. Continue reading “Gutenberg Bible”

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