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730 – Battle of Marj Ardabil

9 December

The Battle of Marj Ardabil was a battle fought on the plains surrounding the city of Ardabil in northwestern Iran in 730. A Khazar army led by Barjik, the son of the Khazar khagan, invaded the Umayyad provinces of Jibal and Adharybaydjian in retaliation for Caliphate attacks on Khazaria during the course of the decades-long Khazar-Arab War of the early 8th century. Continue reading “730 – Battle of Marj Ardabil”

1917 – The Balfour Declaration

2 November

The Balfour Declaration was a letter from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Walter Rothschild,, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. Continue reading “1917 – The Balfour Declaration”

1973 – Arab-Israeli War begins on Yom Kippur

6 October – On this day

The Yom Kippur War, Ramadan War, or October War also known as the 1973 Arab–Israeli War, began on this day in 1973 when a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria attacked Israel. Continue reading “1973 – Arab-Israeli War begins on Yom Kippur”

1180 – Manuel I Komnenos ‘the Great’ dies

24 September – On this day

Manuel I Komnenos (or Comnenus) (28 November 1118 – 24 September 1180) was a Byzantine Emperor of the 12th century who reigned over a crucial turning point in the history of Byzantium. Continue reading “1180 – Manuel I Komnenos ‘the Great’ dies”

1982 – The Sabra and Shatila massacre begins

16 September – On this day

The Sabra and Shatila massacre was the killing of between 762 and 3,500 civilians, mostly Palestinians and Lebanese Shiites, in the Sabra neighborhood and the adjacent Shatila refugee camp in Beirut,Lebanon. Continue reading “1982 – The Sabra and Shatila massacre begins”

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