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1959 – Ford announces the discontinuation of the unpopular Edsel

The Edsel was an automobile marque that was planned, developed, and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company during the 1958, 1959, and 1960 model years. Continue reading “1959 – Ford announces the discontinuation of the unpopular Edsel”

1911 – Chevrolet officially enters the automobile market

3 November

Chevrolet colloquially referred to as Chevy and formally the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors (GM). Continue reading “1911 – Chevrolet officially enters the automobile market”

1908 – The first production of the Ford Model T

27 September – On this day

The Ford Model T is an automobile that was produced by Ford Motor Company from 1 October, 1908, to 26 May, 1927. It is generally regarded as the first affordable automobile, the car that opened travel to the common middle-class American; some of this was because of Ford’s efficient fabrication, including assembly line production instead of individual hand crafting. Continue reading “1908 – The first production of the Ford Model T”

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