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Seven Years War

1757 – Admiral Sir John Byng is executed by firing squad

14 March

Admiral John Byng (baptised 29 October 1704 – 14 March 1757) was a Royal Navy officer. After joining the navy at the age of thirteen, he participated at the Battle of Cape Passaro in 1718. Over the next thirty years he built up a reputation as a solid naval officer and received promotion to vice-admiral in 1747. Byng is best known for failing to relieve a besieged British garrison during the Battle of Minorca at the beginning of the Seven Years’ War. Byng had sailed for Minorca at the head of a hastily assembled fleet of vessels, some of which were in poor condition. He fought an inconclusive engagement with a French fleet off the Minorca coast, and then elected to return to Gibraltar to repair his ships. Byng was subsequently court-martialled and found guilty of failing to “do his utmost” to prevent Minorca falling to the French. He was sentenced to death and shot by firing squad on 14 March 1757. Continue reading “1757 – Admiral Sir John Byng is executed by firing squad”

1757 – Battle of Rossbach

5 November

The Battle of Rossbach took place on this day in 1757 during the Seven Years’ War (1756–1763) near the village of Roßbach, in the Electorate of Saxony. Continue reading “1757 – Battle of Rossbach”

1762 – Battle of Signal Hill

15 September – On this day

The Battle of Signal Hill was fought on this day in 1762, against a fortification located by the hill, and was the last battle of the North American theatre of the Seven Years’ War. The British under Lieutenant Colonel William Amherst forced the French to surrender St. John’s, which they had seized earlier that year in a surprise attack. Continue reading “1762 – Battle of Signal Hill”

1758 – Battle of Saint Cast

11 September – On this day

The Battle of Saint Cast was a military engagement during the Seven Years’ War on the French coast between British naval and land expeditionary forces and French coastal defence forces. Fought on this day in 1758, it was won by the French.

Continue reading “1758 – Battle of Saint Cast”

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